How do you like to spend your down time?

How would you like to spend your retirement?

Is it holidaying in the idyllic Greek islands with a glass of wine, taking a scenic railway journey across North America, retire to the countryside or simply spending time with children or grandchildren?

Whatever your dreams and goals are, you will need plan and that is where a Financial Adviser can help, more specifically an Independent one.

An Independent Financial Adviser works with you to help you realise your goals, whatever they are.

This can only be achieved by really getting to know a client and digging deep to understand what their true goals are, how much they will require financially and when.

With the aid of lifetime cash flow modelling, a tailor-made plan “Master Plan” is designed as a “road map” for all future decisions, and we work together on an ongoing basis to make sure you get to your destination and ensure you reach your goals.

Most if not all clients start of with technical questions centred around products because they believe that’s where the answers lay, but these questions will always lead to another technical questions and the client becomes entangled in an ever-decreasing circle. The most rewarding client relationships for both parties are with those that richly describe what they want their life or retirement to be, because from that point as an adviser you have a crystal-clear vision of how to help.

Getting lost in financial jargon is an easy thing to do in an industry that uses so much. Shall I use flexi access drawdown, an annuity, ISA’s, an Investment Bond, a General Investments Account, or a simple bank account to give me the growth or income I need? This real question is “what do I want to do in life, and how much money will I need”.

Think of true Independent Financial Advice as building a house from the ground up. You start with an idea of what the type of house you want, then you consult an architect, and it is not until you have agreed on sketches, drawings, and the materials “on site”, do you start to assess what additional materials you will need in order to construct the house of your dreams.

Even if you do not use our services, I hope you take from this what the starting point should be and I assure you that it should if done properly, yield the best outcome for you.

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